19th July 2018
Entertain this Summer with our Fav Cocktail Recipes

We all love to indulge in summer! Head to Menarys to get your kitchen kitted out for all your summer dining needs...

Summer has come around once again and we’ve finally seen some sun. There is nothing better than a summer cocktail, whether you're on the sofa, in the garden or at the beach. So we’ve put together a selection of tasty summer cocktails for you to try out. While you’re here why not look at Menary’s selection of glassware to make your cocktails picture perfect - we've provided the links, but everything is also available in Menarys stores. 

1. French Martini

Try this fruity classic to perk you up on a summer's evening. You'll need:

Serve in a Martini glass, available online at Menarys here

french martini glasses

2. Strawberry Rhubarb G&T

In 2018, there is no drink more popular than a Gin and Tonic. Give your classic a summer twist with this fruity option. You'll need:


Add gin and simple syrup to a glass, add ice, top with Q Tonic, and garnish with strawberries and basil.

Serve your G&T in one of Menarys beautiful Newgrange Living goblets, available at Menarys online here, or check out our Ravenhead Entertain Set of 6 Gin Balloon Glasses for only £10 (half price), available here

gin glasses

3. Bellini

Impress your friends by making bellinis to accompany your weekend brunch, or serve this on a long, hot, summer afternoon to cool down with class. You'll need: 


Whip up your peach puree – just peel and blend the peaches, then strain it strain and refrigerate until cold.
Mix 2 parts of peach puree with one part of sugar syrup.
Add about 20ml of the peach puree mix to your Champagne flute, then gently pour Prosecco into the glass. You want to leave the peach puree undisturbed at the bottom of the glass at this stage.
Just before serving, stir to mix the peach and Prosecco well.

Serve this drink in a champagne flute to become the picture of perfect elegance. Get yours online at Menarys, here

champagne flute

4. Thousands are Sailing (Irish Mojito)

We love a mojito! Why not put a different spin on it with this whisky version (rather than rum) and be transported right to the beach? You'll need:


Shake these ingredients with ice. Double strain over fresh ice in the tall glass that has the mint in it. Top with soda water and garnish with the mint.

Serve this cocktail in a classic cocktail glass and let the vivid green mint garnish do all the talking. Get your glasses here, at Menarys online. 

classic cocktail glasses

5. Pimms

There is nothing more stereotyically British than a glass (or pitcher) of Pimms on a sunny day. Better still, a glass of Pimms on a sunny day watching Wimbledon. To whip up your own glass from the comfort of your home you will need:


Fill your glass with ice, pop in the mint and chopped fruit, pour in the Pimm's, top with lemonade and stir.
To make up a pitcher use the same method, this time with a handful each of the chopped fruit, cucumber and mint leaves. Mix the quantity of cocktail you need, keeping the ratio to one part Pimm's and three parts lemonade.

We recommend making a whole pitcher and serving by the glass with plenty of fruit (it must count for one of your 5 a day, right?!). Get exactly what you need here, at Menarys online. Or if you want to go a little bit extra, why not serve up in one of our Kilner mason jars. We especially recommend the 9-piece Mug and Straw Set - it'll look great on Instagram! You can find these online at Menarys by clicking this link here.

mug glasses

6. Margarita

There is nothing that will make you feel more on holidays than tasting the sour lime of a Margarita in the sunshine. You'll need:


Puree ice, tequila, lime juice, and simple syrup in a blender until smooth. Pour salt onto a saucer, and moisten the rims of 4 glasses with lime wedge. Dip each glass into salt, and fill with margaritas. Serve with lime wedges.

Serve in the classic margarita glass, available online at Menarys, here, and coat the rim with salt for an extra kick. 

classic margarita glass

7. Sangria

Enjoy this classic summer cocktail with some homemade tapas, and be transported right to the streets of Barcelona. You'll need: 

Just put everything into the jug and you're good to go.

Like the Pimms, make enough for a pitcher and serve in wine glasses, loaded with fruit. Find your glasses, here, online at Menarys. 

pitcher and glasses

ENJOY the cocktail tasting!!