12th August 2019
He-Shi – Award Winning Tan

We are proud to say that we are a leading stockist of the Award Winning Tan He-Shi, check out our favourite products here!

It comes as no surprise that He-Shi is getting a lot of recognition as one of the best tanning brands about and we are glad to say we are a leading stockist of their fab range of products!

The successful tanning brand was recently awarded Product of the Year at the NI Beauty Excellence Awards! Other awards include:

The luxurious tanning brand is also getting a lot of recognition online and on social media. Within the space of five months, He-Shi have featured in over 70 online and print publications including Cork Independent, IMAGE, HER and Salon & Spa Ireland Magazine to name but a few! Not to mention, the popular Irish brand also received over 130 mentions on social media.

Undoubtedly, Instagram is a prime site whereby the brand gets a lot of user acknowledgement due to many renowned Instagram influencers and celebrities showing the flawless results achieved with He-Shi! Popular Instagram influencers include the stunning Make Up Artist & Beauty blogger, Leigh Crawford, who uses Rapid 1 Hour tan for her Tanning Thursdays on the social media site!

Here at Menarys, we reveal our favourite He-Shi products of the moment:

1.      He-Shi Dark Foaming Mousse – The Dark Foaming Mousse is the go-to tan for those trying to achieve a deep, bronzed colour that will deliver a long lasting glow! With this product being awarded the Hi Style Best Beauty Buys 2019 we are confident our customers will love it as much as us! Carefully fortified with natural DHA the dark foaming mousse guarantees a streak-free glow that will last for up to 10 days! This product is suitable for both the body and face for those looking a shimmery colour from head to toe!

2.      He-Shi Face & Body Medium Gel – The Face and Body Gel is perfect for individuals with dry skin trying to achieve an instant golden glow. The self-tan gel is extremely moisturising and will last up to 10 days which is ideal for those opting for a long-lasting bronze! With a quick and easy application due to its exceedingly light and smooth texture, it sure is perfect for a last minute application!

3.      He-Shi Overnight Ageless Tanning Balm - With a velvety, silky texture, the Overnight Ageless Tanning Balm glides on effortlessly onto the skin for those searching for something hassle-free! With a blend of both Jojoba protein and Hyaluronic acid, the ageless tanning balm tackles to promote elasticity in the skin helping leave it looking visibly firm and hydrated! The anti-ageing formula comes complete with Almond oil not only leaving the skin feeling smooth, but smelling divine!

4.      He-Shi 150ml Express Liquid Tan For those opting for an instant deep golden colour, look no further than the Express Liquid Tan! With a tans on contact effect the instant tan will last up to 10 days due to its sensationally light and smooth texture! With the tan containing 100% DHA, you can be completely confident of not developing any streaks or patches. For a deeper colour, the tan can be reapplied!

5.      He-Shi Tan Remover and Primer 150ml – This product is new on the market and is most definitely a must-have! A new innovative way to remove tan without scrubbing in just a matter of minutes! The Soothing Aloe Vera hydrates and conditions skin during tan removal.as well as priming the skin for the next He-Shi tanning application. Carefully infused with White Nectarine & Pear leaving the skin smelling sensational! The He-Shi Tan Remover and Primer is now available in store and soon to be available on our online store.

Not to mention, we also stock the He-Shi Fusion Multi Bronzer Powder and Bronzer Brush for those looking a quick and easy application that will create a flawless shimmer!