Bridgewater Blue Door Scented Sachet

Pulling up to the house with the blue door, layers of mandarin and cedarwood filling the air.
Product Code: BW-106-098
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These Bridge Water Scented Sachets are a great way to fragrance even the smallest of spaces. There eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and contain natural essential oils. Specially blended oils are encapsulated for maximum strength and product life.

Put Bridge Water Scented Sachets in any room or even smallest of spaces.

  • Each sachet will fragrance a room for up to four months. With no need for flames, these sachets continually release beautiful aromas that really last. During the winter add a Scented Sachet to to top of your radiator to help the fragrance disperse around the room.
  • Ideal for your car, vacuum cleaner bags, simmering pot, closets, drawers, diaper bins, trash cans, they also make a special gift for any occasion!

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