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Yankee Candle 10 Piece T-Light Gift Set

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"The Perfect Christmas Collection This collection of fragrances brings the beauty and warmth of the festive season and the sweetness of treating yourself together. The colours are beautiful and festive, and you can imagine yourself huddling around the festive fire with your family, laughing and singing along to Christmas carols. You have the festive red of ‘Christmas Magic,’ the comforting green of ‘The Perfect Tree,’ the angelic white of ‘Spiced White Cocoa,’ and the ash grey of ‘Crackling Wood Fire.’ These timeless seasonal fragrances capture the very best of the festive season and spread it slowly through your home, bringing an instant smile to your face"
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"Give the gift of beautiful fragrances this Christmas with this 10x tealight gift set. This charming gift from Yankee Candle is perfect for any fans out there who love the sweet and succulent festive fragrances. This beautiful and compact palette is decorated with official Yankee Candle branding with a lovely festive feel to it. It features five Yankee Candle fragrances, including all four new fragrances; Spiced White Cocoa, Crackling Wood Fire, The Perfect Tree, and Christmas Magic, and one other. This product contains ten tealights in total, plus 1 glass holder. It makes an absolutely stunning gift for Yankee Candle fans, bringing a truly festive feel to every household."

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